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Photo Safari: Wildlife & Landscape 

Duration :  8 Hours

Price: ZAR4000.00 per person (min of 2 people)

Tour starts & ends in Walvis Bay.

Private tour option available at check-out


  • Early start to reach the waterhole

  • Explore the wildness of the Namib Naukluft Park, Blutkoppe and Tinkas mountains.

  • Search for wildlife

  • Enjoy lunch in a remote area

  • Learn about the endemic flora and fauna of this arid enviroment.

NB: The wildlife is often far from our vehicles, we do provide binoculars for viewing, but please bring a camera with a zoom lens. Sometimes the animals are close to vehicles but not always. The best time to book this tour is from May to October.

This mini safari tour takes you away from the coast into the Namib Naukluft Park. The landscape changes dramatically over the next 150km and you will start seeying wildife as we reach the mountains and waterholes.

This tour is unique in the sense that we travel far off the beaten track to spectacular

rock formations and landscapes, it is not uncommon not to see other people or vehicles during this tour, and it will leave you with an adventurous feeling of discovery.


The landscape is vast, and you really get the sense of being in an ancient time, without fences and borders.

The Namib Naukluft Park is the largest park in Africa at aprox 50 000 square kilometers, it is made up of the Namib desert and the Naukluft mountains, so this tour is an absolute "must do" if you areyou are a aspiring photographer.

Possible wildlife sightings include: oryx, zebra, springbok, ostrich, warthog, giraffe, black back jackal, and we are very lucky, cheetah.

We offer a picnic style lunch during this tour and it also includes drinks.

Please note that the best time to do this safari is from May to November, and we cannot guarantee any sightings as these are wild animals. All of the images on this page have been taken by myself ( JP Koch ) during this tour.

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